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Search Engine Marketing

Maximum Results For Your Paid Search and Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

We are New England’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency. We have the credibility, experience, market intelligence and the tools to ensure your business can reach your online goals.

Increase Your ROI and Reduce Your Cost-Per-Acquisition

PPC Rate Card

Lead Generation

We drive fresh, inbound, high quality in-market prospects that increase your win rate and help your organization thrive. We have run hundreds of successful campaigns for sales organizations from multi-rooftop car dealerships to plastics manufacturers.

eCommerce Marketing

We specialize in eCommerce and live on platforms like Google Shopping and Amazon. We’re experts at ensuring your products enter into the consideration set of prospective in-market shoppers. Whether you have 100 products or 100K, we can help you.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our proprietary reporting platform and 3rd party measurement tools ensure that you are provided with the most up-to-the-minute business intelligence and gain a clear understanding of how your campaigns are performing at all times.

No Cookie Cutters

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management is not a static thing, it is a moving target and every campaign is unique. Our campaigns are human intelligence driven, not some robotic  cookie-cut formula. Our campaigns drive higher quality leads and prospects and outperform competitors.

Paid Search Channels We Support:


Google Ads


Amazon Ads


Facebook Ads


Instagram Ads


Microsoft Ads


YouTube Ads

Additional Features:

The work we do and the accounts themselves always stay with you and your business, with or without Drive Customers. We understand that your Paid Search and Pay-Per-Click accounts and their history on platforms like  Google Ads and others are a business asset for each of our clients, and we keep it that way. Your campaigns are always fully accessible, transferable and funded directly. We do not hold accounts in our name, or flow any of your PPC budget through Drive Customers.

Service is always month to month and can be canceled at anytime after the first 30 Days.

We customize Google Ads and other Paid Search platforms for each of our clients from scratch and our work is always yours to keep. We are proud of our work and ability and fully believe achieving the best results starts with a great foundation, and that foundation is your setup. To start the process, we conduct an in-depth interview with each new client to develop a personal and meaningful relationship from which to build. We start by learning about your business, goals, past experience, customers, competition, competitive advantages and really anything at all related that can help us maximize your advertising investment. We then start the process of getting your accounts ready to launch online. This includes: a full keyword analysis including negative keywords, keyword organization, copy writing for multiple ads in each group, proper platform settings to maximize results demographically, budget monitoring and much more. The platforms at Google and Microsoft offer many options that businesses need to be aware of to get maximum results, and we make sure everything is in place properly from the start.

Due to the competitive, real time nature of these accounts, it is necessary to monitor, analyze performance and make changes on an ongoing basis to achieve the best possible results. For this service, we charge a flat ongoing monthly maintenance fee based on your total monthly traffic budget and a percentage of your total ad spend. Our flat fees are designed to achieve a true partnership with your business. If you succeed, we succeed. Our goal is to maximize the results of your advertising investment regardless of budget. We look forward to maximizing your return on investment, boosting your bottom line, and at the same time allowing you to concentrate on what you do best while we maximize the results of your search engine marketing campaigns.

PPC Management Rate Card:


Monthly Fee

Monthly Maintenance Fee


























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Important Note: Fees are negotiable. Any traffic received through platforms such as Google Ads or Amazon will be paid by direct billing. Your monthly traffic budget will not flow through Drive Customers.

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