One of the most Experienced Teams in the Industry

It is a “New Media World” that requires a New Media strategy. One of the primary hurdles that many business owners face is, who to trust and where to turn for their digital media strategies when the trends and technologies are so new and evolving at a lightning fast pace. You need a company that has the experience, the business intelligence and the tools to ensure your business has a strong foothold on the future. Our team brings brings more than 15 years experience on the cutting edge of digital marketing and advertising programs, including work with market leaders such as ADP, Ford Motor Company, Campus Crest, and Foster Grant. And we have an extensive history of working with small and medium size businesses alike.


A World Class set of Tools and Technologies

At Drive Customers, we are continuously investing our resources into building and launching new tools and apps to assist us in the creation, management and implementation of our client’s digital marketing strategies. Web development is ‘mission critical’ to our success as a marketing services provider as new technologies evolve and offer greater abilities to attract, engage and convert more prospects, leads and sales. We have launched a full suite of tools to help our clients and have many tools in development. We strive to find ways in which to utilize technology to to improve performance.


Training and Ceritifcation is our Mantra

Certification and training is one of our company’s core mandates. We require that all employees actively seek certification on platforms such as ‘Google Analytics’, ‘Google Adwords’ and ‘Google Video Ads’. We’re an authorized reseller for several other complimentary automation and analytics platforms. We always looking for new ways to improve our processes and deepen the experiential results for our clients and their customers.


Solutions that Drive Meaningful Results

Digital marketing is unlike any other type of marketing that your business will engage in. It can become complicated fast and the concepts, methodologies, and differing platforms can lead to confusion and frustration quickly. We want to be your advocate and we exist to protect your interests and maximize your return-on-investment at all times. Our goal is to take complex digital concepts and make them easier to understand and quantify your results. We maintain transparency at all times, offering our clients a dashboard that makes it easy to view and analyze your ROI at all times. We are a creative agency and we are creative thinkers and we’re always willing to go the extra steps to ensure you are successful.