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Looking for a high-quality, affordable website for your business?

Whether you are a Global Fortune 500 Company or a downtown cafe, our highly experienced Design and Development team use only the latest proven techniques to ensure your website is fresh, engaging, high functioning and well optimized. We cater to a broad variety of clientele, from complex enterprise level eCommerce platforms to the most basic blog site, we have a design and pricing package that is just right for you!

websites-landing-pages-300We have many years of experience sculpting user experiences, allowing us to offer unparalleled insights into site flow and conversion optimization. Whether you’re looking to increase recency and frequency, subscribers, prospecting or eCommerce sales, we have the experience and the tools to provide maximum conversion.

According to the Pew Research Internet Project:

  • 58% of American adults have a smartphone
  • 32% of American adults own an e-reader
  • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

Every website, blog and landing page we build is responsive. Mobile devices and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred method to surf the web. It is ‘mission critical’ that your website can be viewed across these many different operating systems, browsers and devices. We are committed to ensuring that every website we build is a ‘responsive design’; mobile and tablet ready.

Our websites conform to all W3C Standards and feature a clean & easy navigation structure, royalty free stock images and graphics, virus protection, Google Analytics integration , phone-in tech support and much more!

We utilize “Best Practices” at all times, taking measures to ensure navigation is uncluttered, that pages flow smoothly and the path to conversion is clearly visible. We’re always certain to consider the importance of “Tracking Phone Numbers”, “Hours & Directions” pages and “Contact Us” forms, as well as fully integrated analytics to track all conversions. After  all, we are a Google Partner and certified in Google Analytics!

Key Landing Page and Website Features:

No Contract
After the first 90 days, you can cancel with us at any time. We do reserve this initial 90 day period to allow us to work out any kinks with the site and give us a chance to complete your on-page and local search engine optimization strategy. Bear in mind that even if you cancel the website after 90 days, the search engine registrations and optimization work we do for you will stay with your business for all time! Please see our Customer Satisfaction Policy.

Includes Domain
Your new website comes with it’s own custom domain name that is included with the package. Domain registrations are typically held for a 12 month period, but we’re happy to transfer the domain over to you at any time for a small fee of $29, whether you decide to continue using our services or not. If you already have a great domain name for your business, we’re happy to use it at no additional charge.

Full Tech Support for Changes & Updates
Our tech support system not only features integrated support videos, but there is also a built-in ticketing system as well as phone-in tech support during normal business hours. Just submit a support ticket or give us a call anytime your website needs to be updated, or you would like to add something. Our fast, friendly tech support personnel are always happy to help a customer.

Back-end Access
You will have full access to your websites back-end to add content and make any changes as you see fit. Of course, we will do this for you, but if you’re the “hands-on” type, you are always welcome to it! You will also be granted access to your Google analytics account and tracking phone number.

Hosting Support for Images and Videos
Basic image and video galleries are included in the website package. We also support embeds and widgets for video sites like YouTube and image sites like Flickr. We’ve worked with many video and photo based websites, so please let us know if you require anything special along these lines.

Mobile Friendly Platform
Our mobile friendly website designs are easily accessible & navigable on most cell phones and tablets. We continuously strive to enhance our ability to deliver content optimized specifically for hand held devices and tablets.

Virus Protection
All of our websites feature our Premium Hosting package with integrated website Back-Up. This is an ultra secure Linux based environment which offers maximum protection against virus attacks and intruders.

Additional Features:

  • Hours & Directions Page with Google Maps Integration
  • Contact Us Page, Custom Forms, subscription widgets for email collection
  • Framework to track every web lead and phone call
  • Full Google Analytics Package