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As of June 29th 2012, the Facebook brand Fan Page was the number one overall brand Fan Page with more than 68 million fans. This beats YouTube which occupies the number 2 spot by about 9 million fans. An astonishing 15 of the top 50 brand Fan Pages on Facebook are in the Food & Beverage category with popular brands such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Pringles, Skittles and Oreo leading the way.

The apparel and technology categories take up the largest chunks of the top 50, with brands as diverse as Blackberry and Victoria’s Secret capturing tens of millions of followers. Overall the Top 50 brand related Facebook Fan Pages fell into multiple categories, including 15 Food related, 13 technology companies, 12 Apparel and 7 entertainment brands. The only auto maker to make the top 50 was BMW clocking in with a little over 10 million followers.

Top 50 Facebook Brand Fan Pages

Thomas DiSanto

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