Take Control of Your Online Reputation

According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Internet Life Project, 78% of adult internet users look for information online about a service or product that they are thinking of buying. Sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp make it easy for consumers to find peer reviews of your company.

Negative Search Engine Results are a Ticking Time Bomb

reputation-management-Time-bombIf you “Googled” your name right now, what would you see? A disgruntled employee who spams review services such Yelp and Zaguts with unflattering opinions about you or your companies management? Maybe one of your competitors has been secretly targeting you on consumer review websites. Or maybe you are a high-profile individual with an unfortunate past legal incident that appears at the top of the search engines anytime anyone searches for your name?

High-ranking negative listings can become stronger over time and many of them are full of User-Generated Content submitted anonymously (and, therefore, protected from deletion). Negative search engine listings can rise quickly in rank and be very challenging to remove.

Local and national news websites, attack bloggers, ratings sites such as ripoffreport.com and pissedconsumer.com, social media posts, state or federal government websites and others can unfairly distort your reputation.

The longer unwanted links appear in your search engine results, the more potential customers are infected by them. Outdated, inaccurate and misleading results leave a bad impression that can cost you real money. We understand how hard you have worked to build your business. Don’t allow a few bad reviews to steer customers into the waiting arms of your competitors.

We help you manage and monitor your Online Reputation:

  • Track Your Online Popularity
  • Get Alerts When You’re Mentioned Online
  • Eliminate Unwanted Links from Top Google Results
  • Clean Up Your Search Engine Results
  • Bury Inaccurate or Misleading Content
  • Defend Your Reputation Against Attacks
  • Improve Your Search Rankings
  • Generate Positive Reviews