Phone Lead, Web Lead and Sales Tracking in Real Time

We are very happy to announce that we now offer our own custom local and toll free tracking phone numbers that are capable of integrating with Google Analytics to provide you with real time phone lead tracking data!  With our combined capability of tracking web lead submissions, phone leads and sales conversion data in real time, we are able to offer our clients a more thorough insight into the success or failure of their marketing campaigns. You are able to access your own private dashboard at any time to view your performance and also have complete control over how your phone calls are disseminated amongst your team.

With our proprietary dashboard you can make changes to the workflows of your phone calls. Choose how phone calls are routed in real time. Set up menus and auto attendants, as well as roll over call flows, so you can ensure no calls are missed.

Our system also fully integrates with Google Analytics and offers many flexible reporting options, so you can account for every dime you spend on media and calculate your ROI in real time.


Please contact one of customer service reps at (401) 685-0606 to learn more.


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