We Specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Optimization is all about creating a user experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into prospects, leads and sales. There are many ingredients that go into the right recipe for conversion optimization and much hinges upon your strategic goals.

conversion-optimizationThere is much data to be learned about your customer base and ensuring that important conversion aspects such as establishing relevant buyer personas based on all available data is critical to any successful outcome.

Basic questions such as “What demographic buys your products?” and “What geographic locations do most of your conversions come from?” can sometimes reveal a disconnect from the available analytical data. In our experience, it is often surprising to clients to find out that their shotgun approach to targeting attracts web visitors and social followers that do not fit with their buyer personas.

For a typical eCommerce website with a “now or never” sales cycle, achieving maximum conversion could require developing “core customer profiles”, combined with multivariate testing and continuous tweaks over a predefined period of time. For websites that have complex products with multiple “micro conversions” (i.e., product info sign-up, multiple site visits and inquiries) leading up to a “macro conversion” (sale), the process of refining and improving your attribution modeling, marketing automation and sales funnels could be sophisticated and require months of testing and refinement.

All Conversion Optimization Plans Include:

  • Detailed Buyer Personas/Core Demographics
  • Established Baseline Metrics
  • Detailed Goal and Sales Tracking
  • Behavior Flow and Funnels Reports
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Multivariate Testing Framework

We have worked with a multitude of partners and clients across a full spectrum of verticals and markets. There is no limit to the extent which we are willing to go to help define and refine your success, providing you with actionable insights and tangible increases in your websites conversions.

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